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From Skeptic to Supporter

Finding the Right Coach Turned Business Owners into Believers

Darrell and Gina Williamson are experts at providing and improving physical systems within a home or business. After all, it’s what they’ve done for a living for more than 20 years–providing security and monitoring systems. But when it came to implementing systems for success within their own business, they decided to call in a different type of expert–but not without hesitation.

“ I had some bad experience in the past with business coaching, and had heard some bad things from others who’d used business coaches. It seemed like other coaches I’d encountered did their pitch, conducted an analysis, and wanted you to sign up for more and more, but didn’t have any real solutions for you,” said Darrell. “So when I got a call from Ross’ associate wondering if I would be interested in his services, I had my guard up.”

There was something about the approach of ActionCOACH Business Coach Ross Cox, though, that gave Darrell reason to reconsider.

“I thought, here’s another one of those invitations to an ‘introductory meeting’ in a motel conference room, and at the end they want you to sign up for something. I told the person calling ‘I don’t want to be rude, but I have no interest in going to anything like that, but if Ross would like to contact me, I’d be happy to talk to him on the phone. I wasn’t even sure he would call, and I happened to be in Home Depot when my phone rang. I talked to him for maybe 20-30 minutes, sitting on a stack of wood. I can say now I’m really glad we gave him a chance.”

Finding Drive When Work Isn’t Fun

It wasn’t just Ross’ calm approach that convinced Darrell and Gina to give business coaching a try, it was their own realization that they weren’t where they wanted to be.

“We realized our business wasn’t fun anymore. It was more like just a job. We got to a place where we said, ‘If this is what it is, this is no fun anymore,’ and we needed to make a change so that we don’t have the frustration with the business. We wanted to see if there’s a better way to do this,” said Gina.

With the desire to find the fun and drive for their work they once had, Darrell and Gina began meeting with Ross regularly to develop better systems and structures for their business’ successful future–but it wasn’t a quick fix.

“‘Ross is very calm in his demeanor–but he means business. He sat us down, explained the ActionCOACH model and offerings, and it was all a very structured process. It began with a lot of self evaluation, to determine who you are and where you are before you can plan where you want to be,” said Darrell. “He helped us identify issues, and gave us tools and guidance, as well as accountability. He was very up front when he said, ‘I’m not the prophet on TV. I’m not going to come in and “fix” your business. That’s your job. I’m just here to help.’ And he did.”

Digging In Despite Doubts

Much like his initial skepticism before hiring Ross, Darrell had his doubts after the process began. The difference, though, was that Ross had told Darrell he’d have them.

“Ross told us from the get-go that there would be highs and lows to this process. At some point, when we were putting in a lot of work and not seeing results yet, we’d start to doubt the process.

And right on schedule, there our doubts were. But Gina and I decided that we’d already invested so much, and not following through on things is how we got where we were in the first place, so we stuck it out. We’re glad we did.”

While Ross may line out how the process might go, he certainly doesn’t hand-hold clients through the work.

“He doesn’t spoon feed things to you. Ross is excellent at expectation management, and makes you reach for it. Him just telling you things doesn’t change you. You have to do the work,” said Gina.

‘Do the work’ they certainly did, and Darrell and Gina are happy to report that not only is their business running more smoothly and is ‘fun’ again, but Ross also helped them realize some personal goals in life.

“Ross helped us have a vision for our life beyond the business. Sure, you want your business to be more successful, but why? If your answer is ‘to make more money,’ Ross will hand you a dollar bill and say ‘now you have more money.’ But it’s what you want to do with that money.

What is it you’ve always wanted? And he reminded us it’s okay to want something. So I told him we’ve always wanted a cabin in the mountains. So he said, ‘Stop talking about it and do it.’ So we did. And we’re loving every minute of it.”

If your business is no longer ‘fun,’ and you’d like to see positive changes in the way your business operates, contact ActionCOACH Business Coach Ross Cox at 336-288-8858, , or contact us.

Video Testimonials

View Farlow, Marlowe & Co YouTube Testimonial: “We merged two firms and it was difficult bringing the two firms together to work as a team.  We were not working as one cohesive company. We redefined our vision and mission statement and established a true team environment.  Coaching has been worth the investment.”

View Aesthetic Images YouTube Testimonial: “We needed to look at the big picture of what our business could be.  Ross is very patient, kind hearted and friendly but also very purposeful. He holds you accountable for what you say you are going to do.  He is stern in helping us enhance our business.”

View Healing Hands Chiropractic YouTube Testimonial: “Before coaching, life was very hectic.  After business coaching, we have a definite plan.  We meet with Ross and set strategies and goals so we have a destination.  At first I was skeptical, but there is a fundamental set of rules that the business needs to grow.  Business coaching is worth the investment. We have seen a true ROI on our investment.”

View Kneaded Energy Youtube Testimonial  “Since meeting and working with you, we have accomplished so much including … we defined our hiring, training and recruitment processes, analyzed where our leads come from, refined our budget and reduced our expenses, increased our average dollar sale, and above all increased revenue and our bottom line profit!  We look forward to our continued success with you!”

View Clinton Press YouTube Testimonial: “After coaching, I am alot more focused.  I’ve created systems that have allowed my team members to do tasks that I was doing.  When the owner is better, the business gets better.  Coaching challenges you in a lot of ways, but its where you need to go to succeed.”

View Lancaster Customworks YouTube Testimonial: “We lacked systems and production systems in the plant.  We’ve always thought we were recession proof, but in 2008 we had to look again.  We’ve worked with Ross for the past 2 years and we have a better understanding of how systems help the company and we understand our budget, financials, etc.  Since we have been working with Ross, our sales have increased by 70%!”

View Mitchell Landscapes YouTube Testimonial: “The last 10 years have been challenging to be profitable.  Since working with Ross, things are significantly different. I am in my first year of the ActionCOACH program and I am profitable and I have doubled my overall revenue from last year!  I actually have a long term strategy in place for my business.”

View Audio & Light YouTube Testimonial: “Before business coaching, I was letting the business drive me instead of running the business.  Since coaching, my business is organized.  Our revenue has increased 70% and I am able to look at the bigger picture and long term goals.” 

View NyghtFalcon YouTube Testimonial: “Owning a successful business is challenging, difficult, often perplexing and exhausting. It doesn’t take long to discover that patience, persistence and dedication, hanging up a sign and waiting, are not enough. Success in business doesn’t just happen. Success, as we have learned from Action Coach, takes discipline, planning, education, focus, and the measured use of one’s resources. In the year since we began working with Action Coach, we have turned our selves and our business around. The methodology is solid and the results real and tangible.  We have found their programs extremely effective, and our one-on-one sessions immensely productive. We simply can’t imagine going forward without Action Coach’s continued coaching.”

Other Testimonials

Nathan Brown, Owner of Clear Vision Specialists

“For 7 years I have put off updating and writing out my company’s vision, mission statement and culture……Ross coached me through writing them out and it was so easy.”

Rick Vernon, President & Owner of Church Outlet, Inc.

“My most significant improvements have centered around developing a specific focus on where I want the business to go, Team development, systemization and identifying specific KPIs to control and monitor my business. You have assisted me in understanding the importance of knowing why I’m in this business and how this links directly to how I’m going to get there. Now that I know the direction of the business, Action’s business model has assisted me in putting together the Team I need to assist me in getting there. Ross, thank you for your guidance and direction that has allowed my core business to be better positioned for growth within our market and to do so with a strong motivated Team. Also, I have more time than ever to work on the parts of the business I enjoy!”

Algenon Cash, Executive Managing Director, Wharton Gladden & Co.

“I want to begin by letting you know how much I was against the entire philosophy of business coaching, and prior to working with Action International, I highly rejected the notion coaches provided increased business effectiveness.  Now, I feel that working with Action International was the best decision I could have made, and it has accelerated the effectiveness of Wharton Gladden in immeasurable ways.  The education you provided on process and systemization provided the firm with guidance to effectively build our sales force to increase profitability.  The management and communication skills you have provided Derrick and myself are assisting us with establishing an organizational platform that encourages teamwork and open communications.  Lastly, the ongoing follow-up meetings continue to hold me accountable as an owner to effectively monitor key performance indicators such as revenues, expenses, leads, closed loans, and etc.  Thank you for not only shifting my paradigm on the world of coaching, but I have enjoyed learning new methods and strategies to shift my paradigm on running a business.”

 Appian Digital

“Please accept our many thanks for helping us transform our business, our team and our lives. With your expertise and leadership, Appian continues to become a more systemized, organized and solvent organization. You have consistently demonstrated a genuine interest in our success and your guidance has improved every part of our business. Your direction has enabled Appian to overcome many of the difficulties that small businesses face.”

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